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February wrap-up

I’m partial to February, maybe because it’s my birthday month. It always feels like a special time, also maybe because of the subtle transitioning between winter and spring.

In this short but sweet month, I

  • turned 33. I don’t know why, this one felt like a big one.
  • had my annual teaching session : 3 very intense weeks of teaching about Japanese culture and society to international classes. As challenging, interesting, motivating as ever. I feel so grateful for this job. I always come back feeling I’ve learned so much.
  • enjoyed a copious amount of coffee. From cans (yep),  in white mugs, in white ceramic cups, in paper cups, in plastic cups. Some not so good, some nice, some very good. All of it quite needed !
  • met a lot of friends, talked, laughed a lot, got some good advice. How nice it is to have friends nearby. I now live in Kyoto, but a lot of my friends are scattered here and there, notably where I go once a year to teach. It is such a treat to get to see them while I’m there. Good times.

  • went and met with some people, regarding the possibility of another teaching position. It turns out such chances are painfully slim, but it was good to get to talk to wise people anyway. Sigh.
  • got to experience the whole range of climate variation : winter cold, snow, frosty mornings, rain, fog, clouds, spring warmth, bright and blue skies, windy afternoons. Not necessarily in that order. And all this made me feel strangely content.
  • went back to Kyoto, to once again settle back into my life here. Not so easy, but no so hard either…!

For March, I’m wishing and striving for a little more balance, in my plate, in my schedule, and…everywhere, really !


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