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First hint of Spring

Celebrating the season is part of the tradition in Japan, and yearly festivals scattered through the months remind us of the passing of time.

I love how the blossoming of seasonal trees and plants is cause for celebration. Camellia, plum trees, cherry trees, peonies, irises, hydrangea and lotuses are all favorites, but I’m particularly fond of plum blossoms. They look somehow quite similar to cherry blossoms but when you get to know them, are actually so different. Plum blossoms are pretty, cute and fun, while the beauty of cherry blossom is more subdued, more subtle, and has lot to do with how quick they are blown away by the spring wind. I find plum blossoms are more friendly…if it makes sense !

This year, I really wanted to go plum-watching, but was not really in the mood for the hassle of a crowded shrine or temple. After a bit of research, G. and I discovered that the park of the Imperial Palace has a plum garden. We had high hopes for a quiet atmosphere since the park is so big and major plum sites are scattered elsewhere around the city. It turned out even better!

Some people were walking around, enjoying the view, but not enough to be referred to as a crowd, the weather was cold but perfect, many kinds of plum trees were blossoming gently, each displaying its own shape and colors, and its own smell. As we were walking towards the plum garden, the air around us became sweeter, kind of Spring-like, with a hint of fresh leaves thrown in the mix. It is so difficult to describe a smell, but we had an amazing time enjoying the sweet perfume of the plum trees !

Spring was definitely in the air !


September beginnings

———————————- little jizo statue on Mount Koya

Even though the weather is still desperately summer-y here, heat and humidity at their peak, my mind wonders towards the fall, school supplies, frisky evenings and preparing for the last part of the year.

I love this feeling I get at the end of the summer that a new beginning is awaiting. I love the feeling of anticipation and preparation to something new, to a new season and a new time. Like a clean slate. I guess it is somehow linked to the habits inherited from school years, and even though September doesn’t mean back to school anymore (!), it still has a strong taste of renewal.
I can’t wait for the scorching heat to give way to fresh mornings and evenings. I can’t wait to take the thicker blankets out for the night. I can’t wait for hot teas in the afternoon and the colors changing to deep autumn shades.

I can’t wait !

Cherry blossoms in the rain

Cherry blossoms and rainy days seem to go well together.

Something about the poetic atmosphere of it, I don’t know…!


You can see more of them here.


Beautiful japanese spring




Spring has arrived !

Cherry trees are near full bloom, making any place they grow on such a magical one.

I thought I’d go for a picnic under these pink skies, but the rain came, soaking the frail petals and the ground. So, an indoor week end it was, very soft and pleasant too, with just the thought of the cherry trees magic !

The pictures are from a couple of years back (and are scans of non-digital photos, so the image is not the clearest one, but…hope you can still enjoy it :))

Soon under the cherry blossom

A very hectic month just came to an end, giving me actual time to sleep and to find my way back to this poor lonely blog, started and so soon neglected. I am back though, with the very clear realization that blogging needs some organization ! This is actually one of the reason I started it (to try and get more organized in my crafting life), so I guess I’m already learning !

A hectic month It was, but very satisfying too. I got to hold an intensive class with students from different countries, great experience !

This didn’t let a lot of room for full blown crafting, but while longing for the soon-to-come cherry blossom season on some rainy days, I did these :

cherry blossom stamping

cherry blossoms stamps 2

An eraser stamp, some color pads, just a hint of China ink !

The carving part was really fun, so was the color making.

Because I used a gray paper as a background, I used a layer of white ink beneath the lighter pink color, so that It didn’t completely disappear in the gray color behind. It also allowed the gradation to be a bit more visible.

I’ll be back soon with some book reviews I’ve been longing to write. I got two beading books lately, for my birthday, and the two are so packed full with inspiration that I have to talk about them !

See you !

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