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2010 in photos

New-Zealand has already welcome 2011 a few hours ago, Japan has just jumped right into it. In France, where I am right now, we still have a few hours to go.

As I was going through the picture files on my computer, I felt like trying this. 2010 in photos. A trip back through some of this year’s moments. Some of the places I’ve been, memories of what was accomplished and discovered, some of the things I made, some of the recipes I tried.

Thank you so much 2010 for all the good stuff, for all the surprises, for the laughter. It was nice. Really.




2010 is getting near to a close and as I am trying to sum it up in my mind, I realize it was a pretty good year. I got the chance to discover new things, new environments and new people, to learn new skills and new ways. There were a few struggles along the way, but most of them were worth it, and I like to think I grew from them, even if just a bit. I found a part-time job to go with the one I already had, I saw new places in Japan, I kept in touch with family and friends (still progress to be done here though), I got crafty and creative at times. Overall, it was a nice year. I got a sense of what really matters , what I want to try and make better.

I already like 2011. Maybe because I think it’s a pleasant number (don’t ask me why, I have no idea !). Or maybe because I feel a little bit more positive about making it a good year for me. Who knows ?! Anyway, I feel pretty psyched about 2011 !

Sparking creativity : September workshops

With the sweet feeling of renewal sparked by the arrival of September, I wanted to shake things a little, do something inspiring just for me. It seems that the universe had a compatible agenda, because these two cool creative gals were planning cool creative workshops when I was on the look out for just the right project !

I decided to treat myself and registered for both workshops. These will be my Christmas present to myself ! Elise’s one, the Big Mini workshop, just came to an end and was chock full of very helpful information, basic and not so basic steps and ideas to  make minibooks of all kind. Elise’s workshop was just like her blog : fun, inviting, inspiring ! I took another of her workshops last year too and she managed to make it even better this time. I have wanted to try my hand at minibooks for a long while and never actually completed one, each of my attempts ending in me over-thinking the whole process, trying to make it “perrrfect” and being completely overwhelmed… which is the fastest way to kill any project !

Thanks to Elise, I am now equipped with  detailed guidelines, clear advice and fun suggestions to build my own minibooks, and I feel very grateful to her for making the whole process seem so much less daunting than it used to be.

Then this weekend began Kal’s workshop : Nurture your creativity & be bulletproof. The first session was inspiring and quite an eye opener for me. I can’t wait for what’s to come. !

Hello again.

——————————————— fireworks and summer sky

It's been a long time.
A couple of seasons have passed.
It feels nice to be back.

A bit of my world – 26.05.2009


As I thought it would, the day literally flew by. So good to take part in something bigger than yourself. So good to learn. So good to participate.

The hours went by so fast that I totally forgot to take my beloved camera out of my bag ! I could have used a photo I took another day, but it’s not really the point. So instead, I tried to find something in my room. The friend who is letting me stay with her this week put a small crystal “ball”  at my bedside. After taking a few pictures of my keyboard (because what’s better that macro photography, I’m asking you ?!), I decided to pay this strange mineral a little more attention. The picture above ensued.

I’m not thrilled with the result, but I’m pretty sure it will be a great reminder of my stay here each time I look at it. This friend I’m staying with is such an amazing woman. In so many respects.

I’m really happy that, at the end of the month, I’ll have a collection of details telling the story of this particular period of time. For me this is also what photography is all about. Because when I look at a picture I took, I usually remember the very precise moment it was taken, the atmosphere, my mood at the time, what I was thinking.

Good times.

Mirrors at the Backyard café – 25.05.2009


I’m away for the week to the place where I used to live before moving to Kyoto. I’m there for a workshop, a seminar, meeting with my (last year’s and this year’s) students, listening to them presenting their research, meeting some friends too. It’s going to be a busy week, but a rich week. A few days with a lot to take in, a lot to enjoy, a lot to discover, a lot to think about. I’m happy and anxious, both at the same time and in the same amount. Some of these students have come so far, some of them from such difficult places. I can only be humbled and inspired.

Whatever this week is made of, I wish you a beautiful one !

Backstreet red bike – 24.05.2009


Hi ! Welcome and thank you for visiting this little corner of mine ! Feel free to leave a few words, they make my day ;)

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