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2009 New Year Handmade Greeting cards : templates and tutorial !

Has the rush for Christmas presents – handmade or else- and New Year celebration plans already begun in your house ?!


To keep up with the preparations for the upcoming New Year celebration, here are a few templates that I made for some handmade greeting cards (cards like these !). There are six templates :

– 2 square-shaped cards,

– 2 rectangle-shaped cards, those four with square windows, then

– 1 rectangle-shaped card with rectangular vertical windows, and at last

– 1 square-shaped card with round windows of different sizes.

Here they are : 2009 handmade New Year greeting cards templates

To use these templates, simply print the one you want to make a card out of, then cut out the windows and the outline of the card with a cutter (Xacto type) knife. Place this template on the paper you want to use for your card and draw the windows lines with a pencil. Cut those out carefully (if your paper is thick, don’t try to cut it in one go : applying too much strength on the blade of your cutter knife makes it difficult to cut straight and you may injure yourself. So keep it safe and pretty, cut once, then again if needed.)

The templates are only for the face of the card, so if you want a card that folds, don’t forget to include the fold before you cut the contour of your card !

If you want to give these cards a go, you can find a very simple tutorial I made for them a little while ago here, towards the end of the post.


I’m on my way to make some more !

Feel free to use the templates and make your own cards, so many variations are possible ! If you feel inspired to give these a try, let me know, I’ll be happy to see your take on them !

Have a beautiful day everyone !


2009 New Year Handmade Greeting cards

The end of the year is coming close, and my thoughts are already on sending sweet greetings for the New Year ! I just love sending cards to the people I care about, especially handmade cards. I like to think they will bring more to the recipient than the mass-produced ones… and I love making them !

So, this year, I wanted to use Japanese traditional patterned paper, Chiyogami (or Yuzen, or Yuzen chiyogami). After a bit of thinking, I ended up with a simple “window-like” design, each window showcasing a different type of paper. I talked about that and made a simple tutorial here a couple of weeks ago.



For the first batch, I chose a light eggshell paper for the cards and played a bit with the shape of the card and the shape of the windows. You can see some of the resulting cards in the pictures of this post. Because the sizes of my cards are not standard, I made the matching envelopes too. For those, I chose a violet paper, in which I cut out a few windows to showcase some more Chiyogami paper.


I might add a bit of glitter here and there to make them just a bit more festive, but I’ll leave them in their simple state for a while, just to be sure.

I am not sure yet what color(s) the next batch will be, but if you have any suggestion, I’m all ears (…well, eyes, really 🙂 ) !


Note : just in case some of you might be interested, I will post the templates for these cards a few days from now.

Chiyogami Homemade Greeting cards , and a how-to (sort of !)

With this time of the year comes the beginning of my quest for the perfect New Year Greeting card.

This may seem a bit early to start thinking about it, but as I decided a couple of years ago to only send homemade cards, it is in fact just about the right time !

Last year, I used traditional Japanese paper, washi, on which I stamped plum flowers motifs in a variety of reds, then drew a branch with Indian ink and a brush. To give it a more festive look, I randomly embossed some of the designs (flower or branch) with bronze/gold powder. And that was it ! I had so much fun planning those cards : from imagining what they would look like, to carving the stamp (eraser stamp !), to starting stamping away on the nice and rough blank paper ! (I found a few scans I made of those last year, you can see them on Flickr, here !)

So a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about this year’s project. The idea all came out because of this stack of tiny Chiyogami paper sheets I’ve had for a while.

Chiyogami is a type of traditional Japanese paper covered in colorful patterns. Those patterns, often of auspicious meaning (like the plum flowers, the pine or the bamboo), are woodblock printed or stenciled on a blank washi paper. Now it is also easy to find Chiyogami-like printed paper : traditional Chiyogami patterns are then simply printed on a normal sheet of paper. Those are cheaper than the traditional woodblock printed/stenciled type, but somehow lack the charm of it and its depth in colors.

To be able to use those small Chiyogami papers, and not just one type but an assortment of them, I thought it might be nice to make a window-like card. Instead of trying to describe it, I’m just going to show you my first try !

Because it was just a try, I made it pretty small, but it actually turned out cute.

The how-to is very simple :

– I cut a sheet of drawing paper the size of my unfolded card (in this case 20cm by 10cm, the folded card being a 10cm sided square)

– then I draw a grid-pattern for the windows : each window is a 2cm by 2cm square, and each square is 1cm apart from the other squares or boarder.

– then cut the windows with a small Xacto knife (I am NOT good at this !)

– Here comes the time to play with the Chiyogami paper !  I cut mines just a few millimeters wider than the 2 by 2cm windows. Once the nine little squares of paper were cut and ready, I applied glue on the inner side of the card and adjusted each paper on its window.

– While the glue is drying, I cut a square out of the remaining drawing paper. It should be as wide as the folded card, but not as high to allow the card to fold easily (bear with me, It will get clear !). So I cut mine 10cm wide and 9,7cm high.

– When you look at the inner side of the card, where the papers are glued to the window panel, you can see it is a bit messy, not something you want to send out like that. So the (almost) square I just cut allow to hide this : once a thin layer of glue applied to one side of the square, adjust it to the inner side of the window panel. It should fit the inner side perfectly, the slightly shorter edge going where the card is going to be folded (allowing it to fold nicely and easily).

– At this point I put my unfolded card under a heavy dictionary and let it there for an hour. Then, I just folded it in half, and voila !

I am not sure my explanations are really easy to follow, but it is a very simple card to make if you give it a try. I imagine you can put many things in the little windows : small photos, drawings, fabrics you like, ribbons, a few words, anything really ! I think it may also be fun to play with the size of the windows !

The shape of the card could also be anything : a larger square, a narrow rectangle for a more modern look, a circle -why not ?! I still have to decide on the shape I will use for the Greeting card versions of this. They will be larger, for sure.

If you are interested in Chiyogami and want to see a wide range of it, I found this site .

For a modern take on Chiyogami, go for the Fresh:Chiyogami (former Chiyogami Monday) Flickr group, they have some very fun and sweet designs !

And last, just for fun, the oldest mass-produced Christmas card !

Have a nice day everyone !

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