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Sparking creativity : September workshops

With the sweet feeling of renewal sparked by the arrival of September, I wanted to shake things a little, do something inspiring just for me. It seems that the universe had a compatible agenda, because these two cool creative gals were planning cool creative workshops when I was on the look out for just the right project !

I decided to treat myself and registered for both workshops. These will be my Christmas present to myself ! Elise’s one, the Big Mini workshop, just came to an end and was chock full of very helpful information, basic and not so basic steps and ideas to  make minibooks of all kind. Elise’s workshop was just like her blog : fun, inviting, inspiring ! I took another of her workshops last year too and she managed to make it even better this time. I have wanted to try my hand at minibooks for a long while and never actually completed one, each of my attempts ending in me over-thinking the whole process, trying to make it “perrrfect” and being completely overwhelmed… which is the fastest way to kill any project !

Thanks to Elise, I am now equipped with  detailed guidelines, clear advice and fun suggestions to build my own minibooks, and I feel very grateful to her for making the whole process seem so much less daunting than it used to be.

Then this weekend began Kal’s workshop : Nurture your creativity & be bulletproof. The first session was inspiring and quite an eye opener for me. I can’t wait for what’s to come. !


Favorite space and creativity – 31.05.2009


Today is the last day of Everyday in May. A month (well, almost, because I started a bit late) of daily pictures, of a bit of journaling too. It’s the first time I committed to doing a certain creative thing daily for a month, and the commitment itself made the process very interesting. The assignment (a photo a day) was simple enough not to be too overwhelming, and flexible enough to fit my schedule and/or my mood on any given day. This self-imposed assignment motivated me to take the time to go outside and really look. It also was a good opportunity to look at my daily environment a bit differently. To look at it with a purpose. To really see what’s around.

As I’ve written before, I learned a lot about what kind of photos I like, what stops my eye, what taking pictures actually means to me. These were all good things that I feel are going to continue influencing the way I take pictures from now on. I really had to push myself sometimes to get outside of my little comfort zone and not focus exclusively on leaves, rusty pipes and water…all things I could take picture of endlessly.

I’d really like to do commit again to one specific creative activity daily for a month. I yet have to decide which one, but I know it would be an opportunity for growth and the source of many discoveries !

A bit of my world – 26.05.2009


As I thought it would, the day literally flew by. So good to take part in something bigger than yourself. So good to learn. So good to participate.

The hours went by so fast that I totally forgot to take my beloved camera out of my bag ! I could have used a photo I took another day, but it’s not really the point. So instead, I tried to find something in my room. The friend who is letting me stay with her this week put a small crystal “ball”  at my bedside. After taking a few pictures of my keyboard (because what’s better that macro photography, I’m asking you ?!), I decided to pay this strange mineral a little more attention. The picture above ensued.

I’m not thrilled with the result, but I’m pretty sure it will be a great reminder of my stay here each time I look at it. This friend I’m staying with is such an amazing woman. In so many respects.

I’m really happy that, at the end of the month, I’ll have a collection of details telling the story of this particular period of time. For me this is also what photography is all about. Because when I look at a picture I took, I usually remember the very precise moment it was taken, the atmosphere, my mood at the time, what I was thinking.

Good times.

Inside a flower – 19.05.2009


I love the heart of flowers. It seems like a whole world is hiding in between the petals, and this simple idea makes me very happy. It does, it does (happy sight).

What is making YOU happy today ?

On a bicycle, passing by – 18.05.2009


Was taking a completely different picture on the other side of the street. Just had time to change direction to catch this little lady, pedaling at quite a hasty pace !

I rarely take pictures of people. I don’t know why. But I kinda liked this photo, so I picked it up as today’s shot. There’s something about this precise moment, and the movement. I love the shadow on the ground (too bad the very last part was cut !)

This Everyday in May project (in my case, a photo a day) is really turning into a learning experience. I’m taking a lot in from the whole process.When I just started, I was wondering of the fact of making the commitment to take and upload a photo a day would influence/change the way I take pictures and what I choose to take.  It hasn’t been very long but I do feel a change. First, the second I’m outside, I tend to be on the look out for things to shoot. It is quite fun, frustrating, interesting, a bit tiring, and the source of many small discoveries – all at the same time ! Second, after just a few days, I got very conscious of my usual patterns and have been trying to get out of some of them. This part is tough because it puts me out of my comfort zone, but it probably is the one I get the most out of (for this exact same reason). It somehow feels as if I were holding a camera for the first time. Which is very exciting, and a bit frustrating also, because I’m not completely satisfied with most of my photos. I am quite happy though, it definitely is an interesting process !


A photo a day – 15.05.2009


I was concentrating on keeping my camera as perpendicular to the ground as possible… so much so that I didn’t notice the shouting little boy rushing toward my seat, trying to catch what I think was a plastic bag flying around. I was very close to having a heart attack when this little one (the boy, not the bag) got out from under my seat and resume his running in the opposite direction.

Conclusion : when you hear some shouting, come back to reality, or you may not know what’s under your seat until it’s too late.

It was pretty much that kind of day.

Reflecting upon creativity



To achieve one more “a photo a day”, I went outside, to a nearby shrine, and shot at random. Well almost at random. My goal for today was to take pictures of whatever made my eye linger for more than a few seconds. I obviously took more than one photo 🙂

This whole project -the Everyday in May project- has me thinking about the creative process. Thinking about it a lot. What creation consists of, how to bring the creative process on and make it a living experience, how to express creativity (in any kind of artistic form) on a daily basis, and so on. I don’t have any real answers (yet?), but I have a feeling that this “take a photo a day” endeavor, as small as it may be, may well bring a few hints.

The truth is, I can’t imagine living a creativity-free life. I somehow need it. Like air. I would not call myself an artist. But I crave anything artistic, anything creative. It is one of the way I express myself. It sometimes offers solace or release. It also is about serenity and joy.

As you can see, my thoughts are all over the place ! I think it’s because the matter is so important to me I can’t process all my thoughts at the same time. I’ll come back to it though !

But what about you ? I’d be very happy to know what place creativity has in your life and how you make space for it, don’t be shy, leave a few words !

(Better views of the photos above here)


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