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Words of 2010

I really like the idea of choosing a word for the year, to set up the mood, the direction, the main theme of it. But I never can settle for just one word to sum up my hopes for the new year. I usually gather a group of words, some sort of guideline really of what I would like my new year to be. It is always full of hopeful anticipation, and a process that allows me to reflect on the previous year.

I did these little numbers on Wordle (love !), and I’m going to print them on thick textured paper to place in front of my desk. Just where I can see them when I slip away from what I really want.

P.S. : it seems that today’s images don’t want to show up nicely the way they’re supposed to…They do appear if you click on them though…strange. Problem solved !

Some more about wordle back here !


The love of colors – 27.05.2009


Beautiful details.

Beautiful soft colors.

(happy sigh)


Ladder stitch bracelet : sweet and simple

Did you all have a good week end ?

Here, it was a nice, hot, peaceful week end, mostly spent outside to enjoy the sunny weather and the spring smelling wind ! Also to admire the cherry trees that have been in full bloom since last week…but more on that (with pictures !) later during the week.

I just wanted to post about the second little project that I used to (try and) get myself out of the strange craft block I was in. This one is from Bead and Button (August 2006) and you can find the tutorial online here.

The beading in this project is quite simple too : a ladder stitch base, embellished with seed beads. Another enjoyable thing about this bracelet is that it stitches up pretty fast and the color combinations are endless ! Ideal beading project when you need a craft/beading fix, but don’t have much time to put in it…or simply for (almost) instant gratification !


Very pleasant to bead, this bracelet is also very comfortable to wear, the ladder stitch base giving it a nice stability on the wrist. I like it very much ! If I make it again, I will add one more seed beads on each row (and side) of the embellishment though. I think it will look a bit “fuller” with this small adjustment.

Along with the bracelet I posted about the other day, this one too are going to join my list of projects for holiday presents… well, I still have to put the list up, but hey, here it begins ! They’re not too time consuming, the supplies are not too difficult to find, they’re adaptable in size and colors for the happy recipient of the gift…on and on, they pretty much fill the requirements of the (realistic) handmade present project. I really would like to make more handmade gifts, and having a list of doable projects on hand to browse through when the date approach, may actually help me to get to that goal. We’ll see, I guess !

Spiral herringbone necklace : a sequel

Still in the middle of the unpacking process, I still managed to make my way to the plastic drawers where I keep my beading material.
The spiral herringbone adventure had really only begun with the purple and green charlotte seed beads.
It continued when I got a request from a very special someone for a necklace in bright colors. Knowing the recipient, I knew the necklace had to be easy to wear and versatile, not too bold but still original.
I picked the fuchsia pink as the base color, with a fresh lime green to complement it. I chose to use similar colors with different finishes to add texture to the rope and added a light gold line for a bit of sparkle and dimension.

I’m working on finishing to bead the rope and will end it with a toggle and clasp in peyote stitch ! I’ll post the finish result soon.

Feel free to give me your opinion !

Soon under the cherry blossom

A very hectic month just came to an end, giving me actual time to sleep and to find my way back to this poor lonely blog, started and so soon neglected. I am back though, with the very clear realization that blogging needs some organization ! This is actually one of the reason I started it (to try and get more organized in my crafting life), so I guess I’m already learning !

A hectic month It was, but very satisfying too. I got to hold an intensive class with students from different countries, great experience !

This didn’t let a lot of room for full blown crafting, but while longing for the soon-to-come cherry blossom season on some rainy days, I did these :

cherry blossom stamping

cherry blossoms stamps 2

An eraser stamp, some color pads, just a hint of China ink !

The carving part was really fun, so was the color making.

Because I used a gray paper as a background, I used a layer of white ink beneath the lighter pink color, so that It didn’t completely disappear in the gray color behind. It also allowed the gradation to be a bit more visible.

I’ll be back soon with some book reviews I’ve been longing to write. I got two beading books lately, for my birthday, and the two are so packed full with inspiration that I have to talk about them !

See you !

Hi ! Welcome and thank you for visiting this little corner of mine ! Feel free to leave a few words, they make my day ;)

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