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Everyday in May !

May is already here, can you believe it ? I, for one, am looking at the calendar in great disbelief.

May in Japan brings what is called the Golden Week, a succession of holidays that Japanese (and others !) often use to travel around. This year those holidays were just after a weekend, making for almost a full week of rest for the working people. The Golden week itself didn’t change much of my habits, but I was lucky to have family (from France) visiting during that period. So I guess it was another kind of Golden week for me, I was a bit excited I have to say !


My cousin and her art-loving husband first spent two weeks discovering Big Tokyo and a few other places, and then came to spend their last week here, in Kyoto. I went to pick them up at the station and we did some intense walking around and photographying the few days they were there. I picked a few places that I knew wouldn’t be too crowded by the holidays visitors, so that they could also taste a bit of Quiet Kyoto.


It feels so strange to actually have family here, in Japan, even for a while : meet with them, do things together, talk about things, telling family stories … all in my usual japanese environment. So nice !

They eventually had to go back to Tokyo to catch their returning flight, but I think they really made the most of their trip and truly enjoyed it, so I’m a happy girl !


The pictures in this post I took during one of our long walks, in Arashiyama (west part of Kyoto). We were blessed with a beautiful weather, not too hot but not cold, what a beautiful day it was !!

I decided to take part in the Everyday in May project, which basically consists in doing something creative everyday in May. Have a look at the original post, here. Or at the Flickr group, here


So I’ll take a picture a day in May, and post them here, everyday. I started a bit late, but I happen to have pictures for some of the days I missed, so I’ll post these together in a “catching up” post, probably today but maybe tomorrow. 

I wonder if the commitment to take a picture a day will change the way I take pictures. I’m quite excited about that !


First crafty step in the blogosphere

After months of hesitation, turning around, going back and forth, here I am, writing my very first post. I must admit It feels a bit like a first day at school, both exciting and a bit impressing at once ! So much for avoiding the awkwardness of the first post !

I hope to make this place a cozy one, just like under the gentle branches of a big old tree.

I’m also hoping it will help me on the way to the more crafty life I’m (not so) secretly dreaming of ! I need a bit of organization, and this is also what this blog – a notebook, really- is about. The process of imagining, creating, then the making itself ; patterns, colors, the touch of different materials – these are a big part of what I enjoy most in life.

Reading and lurking around in the craft blogosphere not only has been a great source of fun and inspiration , but also a chance to discover an amazing and generous community. No wonder I couldn’t resist any longer hopping aboard the creative wagon !

Hi ! Welcome and thank you for visiting this little corner of mine ! Feel free to leave a few words, they make my day ;)

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