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On a bicycle, passing by – 18.05.2009


Was taking a completely different picture on the other side of the street. Just had time to change direction to catch this little lady, pedaling at quite a hasty pace !

I rarely take pictures of people. I don’t know why. But I kinda liked this photo, so I picked it up as today’s shot. There’s something about this precise moment, and the movement. I love the shadow on the ground (too bad the very last part was cut !)

This Everyday in May project (in my case, a photo a day) is really turning into a learning experience. I’m taking a lot in from the whole process.When I just started, I was wondering of the fact of making the commitment to take and upload a photo a day would influence/change the way I take pictures and what I choose to take.  It hasn’t been very long but I do feel a change. First, the second I’m outside, I tend to be on the look out for things to shoot. It is quite fun, frustrating, interesting, a bit tiring, and the source of many small discoveries – all at the same time ! Second, after just a few days, I got very conscious of my usual patterns and have been trying to get out of some of them. This part is tough because it puts me out of my comfort zone, but it probably is the one I get the most out of (for this exact same reason). It somehow feels as if I were holding a camera for the first time. Which is very exciting, and a bit frustrating also, because I’m not completely satisfied with most of my photos. I am quite happy though, it definitely is an interesting process !



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