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September beginnings

———————————- little jizo statue on Mount Koya

Even though the weather is still desperately summer-y here, heat and humidity at their peak, my mind wonders towards the fall, school supplies, frisky evenings and preparing for the last part of the year.

I love this feeling I get at the end of the summer that a new beginning is awaiting. I love the feeling of anticipation and preparation to something new, to a new season and a new time. Like a clean slate. I guess it is somehow linked to the habits inherited from school years, and even though September doesn’t mean back to school anymore (!), it still has a strong taste of renewal.
I can’t wait for the scorching heat to give way to fresh mornings and evenings. I can’t wait to take the thicker blankets out for the night. I can’t wait for hot teas in the afternoon and the colors changing to deep autumn shades.

I can’t wait !


Hello again.

——————————————— fireworks and summer sky

It's been a long time.
A couple of seasons have passed.
It feels nice to be back.

2010 !

Oh, here you are !

We knew you were coming, we were expecting you.

I’m sure you come with a lot of treasures and surprises down your sleeves, don’t you ?

I can’t wait.

2010, I’m glad you’re here !

I’ve been away for quite a while, but I’m back now.

Let me wish you all the very best for this new year,

may 2010 be JOYful, healthy, creative and beautiful !


In my own words

“What are you about right now?”

This is the question I found on Beth Hemmila’s blog, and I liked the idea of answering in the form of a word cloud so much that I was in the game almost immediately.


I’ve used Wordle before, mostly to make cards or…mm…as a major procrastination tool. It’s a very nice and simple application : input the words you want to use, chose the colors, layout, font, et voila ! You can even customize the color palette, which I found so useful when I made cards for friends, as it allows for so much more choices.

But let’s go back to the question : “What are you about right now?”. This is something I ask myself so often (too often ?) that i had a light chuckle when I read it. And instead of over thinking it, I just jolted down (on Wordle, in this case 🙂 ) the words that came to my mind as spontaneously as possible. I didn’t hold back and at the end was a bit surprised by a few of them. Which was nice. I have to admit that the first version of my answer was much longer than the version you see here…!

Doing this I thought it would actually be really nice to do this little exercise every once in a while. Not only in my head – that, I do rather too often, but leaving a trace, be it on Wordle and then printing it, or as a drawing/painting. I think it’d be nice to have these, as a reminder of who I am/was at a certain moment in time.

Just a few words about Beth, if you don’t know her yet. She is an amazing jewelry designer. Not only is her work (her hand sculpted silver charms are so lovely they make my heart ache) beautiful, but her words are so inspiring. If you have the chance, prepare a cup of your favorite beverage and go and spend a little while in her world, you wont regret it.

Good day everyone !

Everyday in May !

May is already here, can you believe it ? I, for one, am looking at the calendar in great disbelief.

May in Japan brings what is called the Golden Week, a succession of holidays that Japanese (and others !) often use to travel around. This year those holidays were just after a weekend, making for almost a full week of rest for the working people. The Golden week itself didn’t change much of my habits, but I was lucky to have family (from France) visiting during that period. So I guess it was another kind of Golden week for me, I was a bit excited I have to say !


My cousin and her art-loving husband first spent two weeks discovering Big Tokyo and a few other places, and then came to spend their last week here, in Kyoto. I went to pick them up at the station and we did some intense walking around and photographying the few days they were there. I picked a few places that I knew wouldn’t be too crowded by the holidays visitors, so that they could also taste a bit of Quiet Kyoto.


It feels so strange to actually have family here, in Japan, even for a while : meet with them, do things together, talk about things, telling family stories … all in my usual japanese environment. So nice !

They eventually had to go back to Tokyo to catch their returning flight, but I think they really made the most of their trip and truly enjoyed it, so I’m a happy girl !


The pictures in this post I took during one of our long walks, in Arashiyama (west part of Kyoto). We were blessed with a beautiful weather, not too hot but not cold, what a beautiful day it was !!

I decided to take part in the Everyday in May project, which basically consists in doing something creative everyday in May. Have a look at the original post, here. Or at the Flickr group, here


So I’ll take a picture a day in May, and post them here, everyday. I started a bit late, but I happen to have pictures for some of the days I missed, so I’ll post these together in a “catching up” post, probably today but maybe tomorrow. 

I wonder if the commitment to take a picture a day will change the way I take pictures. I’m quite excited about that !

First crafty step in the blogosphere

After months of hesitation, turning around, going back and forth, here I am, writing my very first post. I must admit It feels a bit like a first day at school, both exciting and a bit impressing at once ! So much for avoiding the awkwardness of the first post !

I hope to make this place a cozy one, just like under the gentle branches of a big old tree.

I’m also hoping it will help me on the way to the more crafty life I’m (not so) secretly dreaming of ! I need a bit of organization, and this is also what this blog – a notebook, really- is about. The process of imagining, creating, then the making itself ; patterns, colors, the touch of different materials – these are a big part of what I enjoy most in life.

Reading and lurking around in the craft blogosphere not only has been a great source of fun and inspiration , but also a chance to discover an amazing and generous community. No wonder I couldn’t resist any longer hopping aboard the creative wagon !

Hi ! Welcome and thank you for visiting this little corner of mine ! Feel free to leave a few words, they make my day ;)

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