Zippered pouch, boxy pouch

July flew by like it never even was there. What a strange feeling to realize that August is here. And that we’re ten days in it at that. But here we are. The heat has finally hit Kyoto full force, which let me with the urge to stay inside, turn some cooling tunes on, and stick my head in the fridge (which I actually do sometimes). I try to keep my use of air conditioning sensible, but it is a struggle of every instant (I like to be dramatic sometimes,  I do).
Anyway, though time has been playing its usual trick on me, life has kept on happening. Some good and not so good things on the job front, some good and not so good news from friends and family. All in all, it’s been a rich few weeks, challenging and motivating, with a hint of major self questioning thrown in for good measure.
But some sewing also happened. Some beading too, but the beading is still on its way, so I’ll come back to it when I actually have something to show !


Back to the sewing : It seems a sudden need for pouches of various kind hit the house lately, and I decided to tackle it. The zippered pouch (above) has been requested by the Man of the house, and joins a few he already has. Once I started making them and he started using them, it seems he awoke to the infinite possibilities of  these little things .


The envelope-type boxy pouch (for lack of a better name !) was made to accommodate a little appliance (like a mini laptop but that can only be used to enter text) I carry in my bag quite often. This pouch is fully lined and except for the flap is slightly padded (I used fusible quilt batting) to protect the little machine it was meant for.


The outer fabrics for both pouches are from Ikea (insert big heart). The lining of the zipper pouch is a Japanese cotton I already used in this project. For the lining of the envelope pouch, I used a remnant of a Kaffe Fassett print I love, and for the back of the flap, a fabric from Ikea (the same as the outer fabric, but in a different color).
Sewing is still so new to me, I feel I’m learning many new things each time I make something. Which is really great !
I still have a few other pouch-like projects on the go that I hope to get done soon.

Beautiful day everyone !


2 Responses to “Zippered pouch, boxy pouch”

  1. 1 amberleilani August 17, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    i LOVE that fabric on the zipper pouch!

    thanks for the little note you left on my blog this afternoon 🙂
    you know, things have been changing, and i do feel that a great deal of stress has been lifted by quitting this job. i am glad that you noticed. i hope others will as well…
    i have too, often felt like we had a great deal in common – for two people who have never met! – especially the drive to change things in our lives and make them more enjoyable and productive!
    i haven’t checked in here as much as i would have liked to the last month ( while i was laid off and deciding what to do!), but i am going to remedy that.
    your pictures are just amazing and i have been checking them out on flickr.
    take care and keep sewing – you have a natural talent.
    can’t wait to see the bead work!

  2. 2 Kelli September 1, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    Your craftsmanship on both is outstanding! I could use your help in figuring out how to sew a zipper and have the edges line up so nicely at the corners.

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