Handmade Colorful Messenger bag !

December is here, with Christmas just ahead, and I am wondering : does time actually roll even faster during the holiday season ?! It sure feels this way as I’m getting ready to go back home next week.  I’m so excited ! I haven’t seen my folks in more than a year, so it’s going to be really nice to catch up and just be together !

Getting ready involves a lot of organizing, making, shopping, cleaning…and a few pep talks to myself : the idea of a few hundred tons  object actually flying…with me inside… is still a bit difficult to take in. Hum.

In the midst of all these preparations, the crafting frenzy is still well and alive, and a few projects are on the roll, while a few others have just been finished. One of those is a messenger bag…let me re-phrase this…one of those is my first attempt ever at a bag more complex than a tote !


A few months ago, the Boyfriend and I went to Ikea in Kobe to pick up a few items for the apartment, and we both ended up buying fabric. How I love Ikea fabric lines ! The boyfriend picked up a colorful  mid-weight cotton he really liked, thinking he’ll eventually do something with it.


Then a new crafty friend came to our house and the destiny of this colorful fabric was sealed : it was to become a bag. And my destiny was sealed too : I was to make the bag. The beginner seamstress in me got all excited : such a good opportunity to try something new !

The Boyfriend explained what kind of bag was on his mind and from there, I gathered the sewing and bag making information and material  I needed to dive right into the making/sewing  (check the links at the end of this post).

colorful messenger bag 1

Let me tell you that this bag was a bit of a stretch from my actual sewing ability ! From drawing the pattern, choosing the interfacing, putting the pieces together, top-stitching, adding the little magnetic snap closure, every step involved something new, and this was so.much.fun ! I took my time, went step by step, didn’t aim for perfect, and I really learned a lot. I guess there is nothing like actually trying  !


So the result is here : a colorful messenger bag, fully lined, slightly padded, with an adjustable strap and a magnetic closure. Oh, and it goes with a zipper pouch made with the fabric remnants ! I think the Boyfriend is happy, and I sure am !


Here is a list of the tutorials and how to’s I went through before making this bag :

– A nice and clear messenger bag tutorial here (I didn’t do exactly as in this tutorial, but it was a really good guideline to draw my own pattern and assemble the pieces)

– About interfacing : guide to choose the right interfacing for your project here

– To make fabric handles : here (see step 3 of the tutorial)

-To make an adjustable strap : very easy to follow instructions here

– To add a magnetic snap closure : clear instructions and helpful photos of the process here and here


A few of the tutorials above come from Lisa of U-Handblog. She has many advices and tutorials on anything bag-related and her instructions are always very detailed and clear. Her “bag wisdom and tips” category is a must-read for anyone thinking about making a bag, and the many bag tutorials she wrote and shared are worse seeing.

The crafty blogosphere is such an amazing place. There are no other way to put it. So many people willing to share their knowledge, their experience, isn’t it just amazing ?! A big thank you to all of you  !

On to the next project !

4 Responses to “Handmade Colorful Messenger bag !”

  1. 1 frany December 25, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    SO WONDERFUL I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy new year to you !

  2. 2 mycraftyways January 6, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Thank you Frany !
    Happy New Year to you too, may it be full of joy and creativity !!

  3. 3 Jacqui from Mee a Bee April 13, 2009 at 8:41 am

    Hi! Love this bag! I was just at Ikea last week and saw it there. I was trying to think why it looked so familiar.

    Thanks for popping into my blog today. Do you ever come to the Izumisano area? It’s by the airport. That’s where I am.

    I have never been to Yuzawaya, I must go one day. I am a big fan of ABC since I used to work near there.

    Catch you later,

    Jacqui (Blooming in Japan)

  1. 1 Zippered pouch, boxy pouch « Under a (crafty) tree Trackback on August 12, 2009 at 4:23 am

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